Activities and local attractions

The starting point for spectacular and unique experiences, also in the old-fashioned way.


We have thoughtfully curated a selection of experiences to enhance your stay at our hotel. These experiences are tailored to accommodate a variety of interests and preferences, ranging from guided tours of local attractions and exclusive events to rejuvenating wellness treatments and gourmet dining at our restaurants.

Other activities


Gaustatoppen 1883 m.o.h

Gaustatoppen is as high as 1883 m and is a well-known landmark in the heart of Telemark.


Mountain hikes

Tuddal Høyfjellshotel is surrounded by many majestic mountains and is in the middle of the most beautiful nature Norway has to offer.



In Tuddal we are surrounded by excellent fishing opportunities both during the winter seson and the summer season


Gaustatoppen 1883 meter above sealevel

The majestic Gaustatoppen rises 1883 meters above sea level and is a well-known landmark in the heart of Telemark.


Explore the area by car

Both Rjukan and Notodden was awarded the status as world heritage Site in 2015.

Ski IMG 9087

Cross country skiing

The prepared tracks are of various lengths and difficulties, and you follow the colored track that suits you either it’s in the shelter from the woods or on the top of Gaustaråen with its magnificent views.

Badstu IMG 9086

Bath house

A relaxing bath is the perfect ending to a busy day.