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The Hotel

On the sunny side of Gaustatoppen you will find Norway’s best preserved period style hotel, built in 1895, Tuddal Høyfjellshotel


It’s built in Dragestil, widely used principally between1880 and 1910. It is a variant of the more embracing National Romantic style and an expression of Romantic nationalism. The foremost sources of inspiration for the Dragestil were the Viking and medieval art and architecture of Scandinavia.

The hotel has an impressive collection of antiques and old furniture’s dating back to the 17th, 18th and the 19th century. Some are still in daily use while others are on display. Today it is the 5th generation Gurholt that will greet you upon your arrival.

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We consider the meal as the most important happening at our place.

We are proud to present food which showcase each season with the unique produce Telemark has to offer. Most days Einar is the head chef in the kitchen, and he is genuinely interested in how to blend the ingredients to optimize the flavors. He should know! Prior to taking over the management of the hotel, Einar was engaged in several Michelin starred restaurants both in France and in Norway. To complement his genuine interest in food, it felt only natural to educate as a sommelier as well.

We have created a set menu, unique for each evening, which is being served at 19.00h. Don’t forget to book a table!

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Where we are

Tuddal Høyfjellshotel located at the sunnyside side of Gaustatoppen

Hotellvegen 100, 3697 Tuddal