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Bath house

A relaxing bath is the perfect ending to a busy day.


Historically the function of the bath house was to offer a place for the guests to get clean, it is now a place for our guests to relax and enjoy. We have added a heated bathtub outside to make the comfort just perfect if you decide to dive into the river that is passing. Its very refreshing to make a dip in the river, make up a sweat in the sauna or simply enjoy a can of locally produced beer in the heated bathtub. In the bath house we will make use of the open fireplace and offer cured meat and locally produces beer to make a perfect day even more perfect!

This exceptional experience in the bath house and bathtub is priced at Nkr. 3500, - Exclusively for your group.  

All guests can use the sauna free of charge, just let us know in advance.

If you want the bath house exclusively for your group, you must book both the bath house and bathtub as described above.

Please be aware that it will take 2h to heat the sauna and 24h to heat the bathtub outside. Get in touch with the reception if you want to make a booking. Please let us know when you need it to be ready for you.

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