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Welcome to one of Norways oldest and most charming moutain logde hotels

Give yourself time to relax.
A natural retreat, a secluded sanctuary, a revitalising experience.
We will not demand anything from you. You are in focus.
That’s the kind of hotel we are. Attentive. Present. Personal.
We will invite you to our library for you to find your pace in the old comfortable chair.
Baking flatbread or explore our winelist. Cross country skiing with hills to climb and slopes run down. Bicycling with a hamper on the go. Hunting or fishing. Outdoor bathing and sauna.


Eventyrlig opplevelser i fjellet

Vi har satt sammen et utvalg av opplevelser og pakker som kan komplementere oppholdet på Tuddal Høyfjellshotel.

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Topptur-helg med Skiguide Torgeir Urdal

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Tuddal vinter lo res 2274

Påskesolen varer helt til Mai.

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Sommer på solsiden av Gaustatoppen

Unn deg et lengre opphold i sommer. Bor du tre eller flere netter kan du velge denne pakken.

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For relaxation, for celebration, for enjoyment.

On the sunny side of Gaustatoppen you will find Norway’s best preserved period style hotel, built in 1895. The hotel has an impressive collection of antiques and old furniture’s dating back to the 17th, 18th and the 19th century. Some are still in daily use while others are on display. Today it is the 5th generation Gurholt that will greet you upon your arrival.

The hotel
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We consider the meal as the most important happening at our place.

This is because the meal creates a social and cultural frame we all can join. Food is an expression of culture, and it’s all about getting together. For a meal to be the successful experience we think it deserves to be, you need not only excellent food, but it should also be healthy and attractive to the eye. Add ambiance and a great location and you have the receipt for a successful meal. We think that a successful meal will sharpen your appetite and in general, hunger for life!

Explore our restaurant
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Embark on Spectacular and Unique Experiences

We have thoughtfully curated a selection of experiences to enhance your stay at our hotel. These experiences are tailored to accommodate a variety of interests and preferences, ranging from guided tours of local attractions and exclusive events to rejuvenating wellness treatments and gourmet dining at our restaurants.

Explore experiences
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A Day for Eternity or Three Full Days of Celebration

Do you dream of a mountain wedding adventure, high up in the hills, surrounded by friends and family? Allow us to be your guide and extend a warm, enchanted welcome!

Wedding and Events



Babettes feast

Annually for more than 20 years we have organized a special gourmet and culture weekend called Babettes feast.

Babettes feast

The 125th Jubilee resulted in a book

125 years. Imagine! That’s a long time. On the 15th of June 2020 we celebrated the 125th anniversary for the hotel’s existence. Due to a certain pandemic the celebration had to be downscaled and was unfortunately not celebrated as planned.

Nevertheless, the Hotel and its exiting history was thoroughly researched and written down by Erling Forfang. By the end of 2020 we could proudly present a beautiful coffee table book.

We decided to call it “850 M.O Hverdagen” “850 meter above everyday life”.

The book will take you through our ups and downs. How a small hotel high up and far away from people have focused on fresh air, nature, and sustainability through the years since 1895.

The book describes the coexistence with the locals, and how the running of the hotel was affected by not only 1 world war, but 2! Furthermore, you will find plenty of illustrations and images from our archives and delicious recipes from our kitchen, dating as far back as 5 generations!

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a close encounter with the new generation

The documentary about the family heirloom

It’s not easy to hand down your life’s work to the next generation. It can be equally difficult to take over the reins from your parents.

Tradition, history, culture, feelings and expectations are in motion. When to let go, and when to take over?  Watch the touching documentary “Familiearven” about the latest change of custodians to care for more than 100 years of history and to steer safely forward into a safe future.