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  • No smoking indoors
  • Wine and spirits must be purchased at the hotel.
  • No pets in the main building. Pets may stay in Brostul
  • Electric charging of cars on marked places only
  • No portable car fridge should be powered from the hotel sockets.
  • Iron and iron board are available next to the toilets in the basement.
  • Open fire and candles must only be operated by the staff.
  • When a fire alarm sounds, proceed to the nearest exit marked by an exit sign. Leave the nearby vicinity of the building and gather by the skihouse/parkinglot
  • We have an AED defibrillators
  • In an emergency call 110, 112, 113
  • To get in touch with our night staff please call 35028888
  • When our guests have gone to bed, we lock the front door. If you need to go out during the night, please lock the door.