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Relaxation and wellness

Bring your team for a wonderfull wellness experience

Indulge in a unique experience by reserving our bath house, complete with a long table, cozy fireplace, and the added luxury of a wood-fired hot tub. Take a break from the formal meeting room and embrace a laid-back, informal atmosphere that ignites creativity and sharpens your focus. Revel in the soothing heat, the starry night sky, or even a refreshing dip in the river's icy waters as you allow your thoughts to flow freely.

Before your meeting, why not embark on an invigorating mountain hike? Afterwards, treat yourselves to a delightful spread of local delicacies and craft beer in the sauna house, transforming this into a memorable and strategic gathering you'll cherish

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Other activities to include for your conferance

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More than a meeting room

Flatbrød 3 TUDDALBOK HI Res 8257

Flatbread baking

Flatbread baking is a tasty and memorable activity.

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Tuddal Games

Explore your talents, push your limits, and enjoy the great atmosphere while you compete and collaborate towards success.


Mountain hikes

Tuddal Høyfjellshotel is surrounded by many majestic mountains and is in the middle of the most beautiful nature Norway has to offer.